The Open Brand: How Twitter is Pushing Radical Transparency in Brand Management

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This presentation was delivered as an introduction to a panel on “Open Brands” at the Twitter 140 conference in Mountain View, CA. Representatives from Dominos, JetBlue, Ebay, and Intuit sat on the panel and provided great insights in their corporate use of Twitter. Also, thanks to all the great people who voted for the Open Brand ‘unconference’ session to make this happen.

Presentation Description: Twitter is pushing radical transparency on brand management. Check out recent corporate case studies in Twitter use, and learn key strategies/practices in Social Media. If you’ve heard me speak before, I added some new content in this presentation specific for the Twitter audience: Twitter-specific case studies and reorganized/focused slides on the key Twitter concepts. Hope you enjoy it!

Joey Shepp Speaks at the 6th Northbay Growth & Innovation Forum

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At the 6th Northbay Growth & Innovation Forum held in Santa Rosa, Joey Shepp, founder of Earthsite, spoke to a large audience of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Speaking along-side Steve Weiss, co-founder of the North Bay Angels, Joey presented on the topic of social media and how small to medium sized businesses can leverage “customer powered marketing.”

The Open Brand: Beyond Greenwashing

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The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a day long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping North Bay businesses transition to economic, environmental and social sustainability. The fourth annual conference will be held May 8, 2009 at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, CA. Find out more about our Sponsorship and Registration.

Online Tools for the Future of Filmmaking

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Speaking at 2009 Wild and Scenic Film Festival presented by Patagonia

Wild LogoFINALtourcolor.JPGThe world of video is moving online fast and the implications to filmmakers and audiences are paramount. It has become the norm for filmmakers to have an online reel and moreover to lead marketing using online video.

In this workshop learn how to leverage the latest online tools to promote, distribute, and enhance your filmmaking; gain a global audience, make money with advertising, and be prepared for the future of online video.

The Green Web :: How the Internet is advancing Sustainability

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Speaking at Green Festival San Francisco 2009

Business and individuals are leveraging the power of the Internet to grow the green economy.  Principles of interconnectedness, accessibility, transparency, and democracy are powerfully demonstrated in the emerging Web 2.0 landscape.  This presentation will provide case studies in Social Media, Online Activism, Green IT, Open Source Software, and Mobile Applications.  Come learn how you can go green online.

Green Marketing 2.0: It’s about Trust

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Speaker at Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2008

Traditional top-down marketing is dead. Consumers don’t trust advertising, but they do trust each other. Online technologies such as FaceBook, MySpace, and the iPhone are facilitating a revolution in peer-to-peer communication. How does business today engage with new online strategies to build loyal customer communities? Learn about Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Phones, Blogs, and other rapidly emerging technologies that are forever changing the foundations of marketing. Learn how Sustainable Business is perfectly aligned to take advantage of this new era of Transparency and Trust. Joey Shepp will help you decode the online jargon and prepare you for marketing in an online world.

Panelist at Net Impact Professionals Summit, Chicago 2006

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ni_logo.jpg Decision Making 2.0: How Information Technology Can Help us Make Decisions Friendly to Planet, People and Profits

Do you know the environmental impact of that steak you bought at Whole Foods? Do you have any idea how much electricity your PC is using when you leave it on all night? Should you tell the grocery clerk plastic or paper? What if your cellphone could tell you the greener choice in each case? In this session we’ll discuss the decisions we make on a daily basis, either as consumers or as employees, and how IT solutions can inform those decisions. Our premise is that if you are given the right information, at the right time, in the right format, you’ll make decisions that are more socially and/or environmentally friendly. For this workshop, you won’t hear speakers talk about tech trends or consultants talk about how to make decisions; rather, you’ll be creating ideas. Come be a part of the solution – come make an impact on the future of decision making.

Net Impact Professional Summit

Business and Technology Panel

Speaker at Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2007

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How Web 2.0 is Empowering Sutainable Business

Web 2.0 is about collaboration, sharing, and accessibility. How is this
online revolution empowering Sustainable Business? Participants will
learn how start-ups and big businesses alike are using the power of the
Web to improve their bottom lines while addressing environmental and
social justice issues. See demonstrations of cutting-edge, near-free
software that can easily be integrated into your organization to
increase collaboration while lowering your organization’s impact on
the environment.

Read more at Sustainable Enterprise 2007

An Introduction to Ecological Design

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An Introduction to Ecological Design from Bachelors of the Arts Thesis

Ecological Design is born simply from the application of ecological understanding to the practice of design. A contemporary understanding of scientific ecology is rooted in the concept of interrelatedness. Because organisms evolved in relationship to one another, ecological systems are interconnected and interdependent at all scales. Seeing natural cycles in their entirety can provide profound evidence of this.