Panelist at Net Impact Professionals Summit, Chicago 2006

ni_logo.jpg Decision Making 2.0: How Information Technology Can Help us Make Decisions Friendly to Planet, People and Profits

Do you know the environmental impact of that steak you bought at Whole Foods? Do you have any idea how much electricity your PC is using when you leave it on all night? Should you tell the grocery clerk plastic or paper? What if your cellphone could tell you the greener choice in each case? In this session we’ll discuss the decisions we make on a daily basis, either as consumers or as employees, and how IT solutions can inform those decisions. Our premise is that if you are given the right information, at the right time, in the right format, you’ll make decisions that are more socially and/or environmentally friendly. For this workshop, you won’t hear speakers talk about tech trends or consultants talk about how to make decisions; rather, you’ll be creating ideas. Come be a part of the solution – come make an impact on the future of decision making.

Net Impact Professional Summit

Business and Technology Panel






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