My name is Joey Shepp. I’m a social entrepreneur, professional speaker, and sustainability consultant.

I’m passionate about leveraging the Internet for environmental and social good. I believe the Internet as nothing short of collective consciousness emerging.

I am the founder of Earthsite, a web design and marking firm specializing in social media and sustainability.  I have a GreenMBA from Dominican University of California.

I live in the eco town of Fairfax, just north of San Francisco. I love to travel for speaking engagements. I like to think of myself as a Global Citizen.

I’m an active microblogger through several Twitter handles. I can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me.

Current Biography

Joey Shepp is an Internet entrepreneur, professional speaker, and sustainability consultant. He is founder and principal consultant of Earthsite, the leading digital media consultancy for sustainable brands. Mr. Shepp is also the founder of ActvDesign, where he is rethinking the workspace with standing desk designs. Joey holds a degree in Ecological Design from UC Santa Cruz, an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California and is a black belt in Aikido. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, Dominican University of California (2003-2005)

Joey Shepp received his MBA in Spring of 2005. An MBA in sustainable enterprise studies a “triple-bottom-line” of people, planet, and profits.

  • SEMESTER 1: Financial Accounting, Eco-Commerce Models, Core Leadership Seminar: Critical Thinking for Change Leadership
  • SEMESTER 2: Managerial and Environmental Accounting, Marketing, Core Leadership Seminar: Social Systems. Ecological Sustainability: Its relationship to Culture, Economy, and Society, Core Leadership Seminar: Leadership Skills
  • SEMESTER 3: Finance, Marketing Research, Diffusion of Innovation, Strategic Enterprise Planning
  •  SEMESTER 4: Operations Management, Green and Social Marketing, Ecological Economics, Strategic Enterprise Planning II, BA in Ecological Design, University of California at Santa Cruz

BA in Ecological Design, University of California at Santa Cruz (1995-2000)

Ecological Design is born simply from the application of ecological understanding to the practice of design. A contemporary understanding of scientific ecology is rooted in the concept of interrelatedness. Because organisms evolved in relationship to one another, ecological systems are interconnected and interdependent at all scales. Seeing natural cycles in their entirety can provide profound evidence of this.  Read entire Thesis Introduction here >>