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The Green Web :: How the Internet is advancing Sustainability

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Speaking at Green Festival San Francisco 2009

Business and individuals are leveraging the power of the Internet to grow the green economy.  Principles of interconnectedness, accessibility, transparency, and democracy are powerfully demonstrated in the emerging Web 2.0 landscape.  This presentation will provide case studies in Social Media, Online Activism, Green IT, Open Source Software, and Mobile Applications.  Come learn how you can go green online.

Green Marketing 2.0: It’s about Trust

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Speaker at Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2008

Traditional top-down marketing is dead. Consumers don’t trust advertising, but they do trust each other. Online technologies such as FaceBook, MySpace, and the iPhone are facilitating a revolution in peer-to-peer communication. How does business today engage with new online strategies to build loyal customer communities? Learn about Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Phones, Blogs, and other rapidly emerging technologies that are forever changing the foundations of marketing. Learn how Sustainable Business is perfectly aligned to take advantage of this new era of Transparency and Trust. Joey Shepp will help you decode the online jargon and prepare you for marketing in an online world.

Joey Shepp as a Panel Speaker at San Francisco Green Festival 2007

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Clean Technologies Driving the Green Economy

What is clean tech and how does it fit in with ecological and sustainable principles? From biofuels to utility development based on nature’s own systems, clean technologies and the engines that fund them are diverse and far-reaching. Learn about innovative green technologies from local visionaries whose work is changing the face of technology as we know it around the world.

Joey Shepp is the Keynote Speaker at Green Drinks

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Delivering Green to Mainstream

How to leverage the power internet to market to the Green Consumer

  • Who is the Bright Green Consumer?
  • How to position Green for the Mainstream
  • WhyGreen Consumers love the internet
  • Case Studies in how businesses are using the internet to connect with the Green Consumer
  • Online strategies for small green business

Joey Shepp featured as Green Expert on CBS News

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Holiday Waste Clogs Bay Area Landfills


Environment & The Green Beat

Americans love to gift wrap. They don’t always like to recycle.

The increased waste produced by Americans during the holidays ads tons of trash to our nations landfills. But it doesn’t have to. On the CBS 5 Green Beat, Jeffrey Schaub has some ways you can change that trend. 

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Joey Shepp and Green Maven featured on CBS News

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Dominican University Offering ‘Green’ MBA

SAN RAFAEL Students working towards a “Green MBA” at San
Rafael’s Dominican University are getting quite a different take on
business from the usual view.

Director John Stayton said the Green MBA was created for a specific
kind of individual. “The Green MBA is a program for individuals who
understand that we’re headed toward an ecological and social crisis.
-Who want their careers and lives to be dedicated to helping humanity
move toward ecological sustainability and restoration and social
equity, and who recognize that business is an incredibly powerful and
creative force that’s been part of the problem and has to play a major
role in creating solutions,” he explained.

Joey Shepp and Green Maven featured in the San Francisco Business Times

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green-maven-sf-biz-times-300px.jpgBy Elizabeth Browne

San Francisco Business Times

Internet search is going green.

At least two local companies are jumping into the vertical search market to help consumer find websites and businesses that fit their environmental and social values.

“It has big implications for those in the mainstream who don’t know the right adjective to find what they’re looking for”, said Joey Shepp, founder of Green Maven, based in Fairfax.  “They know they want something better for the environment…but they might not know the right questions to ask.”

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Green Media 2.0 :: Green Maven featured in cover story

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greenmedia-cover.jpgJoey Shepp, Green MBA graduate 2005, founder of and was featured in the cover story of the August issue of  Sustainable Industries Journal

Here is a quote from the article:

"Shepp founded in 2003 to provide marketing, branding, consulting and incubation for environment-focused Web sites.  GreenMaven is an
success story, and after several years in the "green" Web business,
Shepp says he has seen a sudden, marked increase in interest over the
past year.  Competition for advertising linked to search keywords such
as "Green MBA" has multiplied by a factor of 10 to 20, Shepp says."

Click here to view PDF of the magazine article


Rising Suns: Graduating green: Progressive MBA program makes sustainability the bottom line

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Source: Pacific Sun
May 4, 2007
by Jacob Shafer

Quote from Article:

Joey Shepp of Fairfax, a graduate of the program, offers a ringing endorsement.

"I was part of the third graduating class, so I had a huge opportunity
to help shape the program," says Shepp. "It was amazing—small classes,
great faculty and really self-directed."

Shepp has parlayed his educational experience into a career with a Web
strategies firm called Earthsite ( ) that helps green
businesses build and maintain an online presence. He’s also founder of
Green Maven ( ), which he describes as "the green
Google." It’s a search engine that highlights environmentally conscious
Web sites—helping enviro types find everything from fair-trade coffee
to organic socks.