Joey Shepp and Green Maven featured on CBS News

Dominican University Offering ‘Green’ MBA

SAN RAFAEL Students working towards a “Green MBA” at San
Rafael’s Dominican University are getting quite a different take on
business from the usual view.

Director John Stayton said the Green MBA was created for a specific
kind of individual. “The Green MBA is a program for individuals who
understand that we’re headed toward an ecological and social crisis.
-Who want their careers and lives to be dedicated to helping humanity
move toward ecological sustainability and restoration and social
equity, and who recognize that business is an incredibly powerful and
creative force that’s been part of the problem and has to play a major
role in creating solutions,” he explained.

Stayton said
corporate America is moving in a more ecologically friendly direction,
as people become more aware of the problems.

“Not only do
companies need to be moving towards incorporating social and
environmental issues in their business plans, but it’s also a source of
opportunity. We have a lot of ecological problems to be solving,” he

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