Social Media and Sustainability at the 2009 San Francisco Green Festival

Earthsite’s founder Joey Shepp will be speaking at the San Francisco Green Festival on Friday, November 13, 2009 at 2 pm on the Mezzanine.  For complete Green Festival program/schedule information, download the SF Program Guide here.

Social Media + Sustainability

internetSocial networking, blogs, and online video are open, transparent and collaborative, allowing innovation to grow at unprecedented speeds. Learn how consumers, activists, and entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of the social media to create a sustainability revolution.  Hear breaking stories on how the Internet is being used for microlending, localization, citizen journalism and corporate accountability. Shepp, a new media expert, will help you see a vision of the near future.

This will be an interactive session.  Bring your smart phone/mobile device to participate.

After Joey’s talk there will be a Green “Tweet Up at 3 pm.  Come meetup and get to know other Bay Area Green Tweeters, Bloggers, and social media mavens.






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