Social Media Marketing for the Wine Industry – Sonoma State University

The wine industry has been one of the slowest industries to adopt internet-based technologies. There is a big opportunity for wine brands to engage directly with those who drink the wine. Relationships sell wine!

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1. +Social Media Marketingfor the Wine IndustryPresented at the Wine Intensive Executive MBA atSonoma State University | January 18th, 2013

2. +About thePresenterFounder and Principal atEarthsite, a digital mediaagency for sustainablebrands.Learn more

3. + Road Map n  Social Media Overview and Best Practices n  Wine Industry Case Studies and Resources n  Specific Tools (Time Permitting) Ask Questions Anytime!

4. + Social Media Marketing, Defined n  Social media marketing as building a social network of fans, followers and connections using relevant and interesting content that allows businesses to reach and engage more people and drive more sales.

5. + Wine Industry Slow to Adopt Social Media n  Thewine industry has been one of the slowest industries to adopt internet-based technologies n  Big opportunity for Wine brands to engage directly with those who drink the wine n  Relationships sell wine

6. + Social Media Marketing is Story Telling n  Consumersexpect more than just a product or service, they want a story to engage with. n  What is your brand’s story? How can you 49% of American wineries have a make storytelling a dedicated marketing manager practice? who creates and publishes content on social networks.

7. + Social Media Marketing is Getting People to Talk about your Brand n The number one reason people buy wine is based on recommendation. n Professional critics no longer rule wine popularity

8. + The New Media Model

9. + Develop a Content Strategy n  Predefine Topics n  Content Schedule n  Designate Content Producers n  Cross-Network Posting n  Get comfortable with transparency

10. + Develop a Social Media Policy n  Define your Brand tone and voice n  What to talk about n  What not to talk about n  What to do when negative comments arise n  Who to alert when certain issues come up n  Ultimately, a training guide for new managers to ensure the brand voice stays consistent

11. + Common Questions n What should you measure? n  Community: Fans/Followers/Subscribers n  Engagement: Likes/Retweets/Shares n What is the right ratio of activity to fans? n  Depends on specific social network n  Generally, the more the better, so long as they are quality n  See competitors for baseline

12. + Social Media Return on Investment n  Expect 6-12 months to see an impact on sales n  Allow time to grow your network… like growing a vineyard, you must allow the the vines to grow before you can expect to get fruit. n  Think of building “Social Currency” … the more good will you generate with fan, the more likely they will share your product.

13. + Measuring Social Media ROI n  Online Purchases n  Relatively easy to track marketing sources to purchases and correlate which efforts are selling the most wine. n  Offline Purchases n  Retail is much harder to track n  Use a “baseline” method where you check sales before and after social media campaigns n  Use VinTank to compare your social media stats with compeditors n  Use physical coupons that can be tracked offline

14. + Common Concerns n  Negative Feedback / Complaints n  Respond quickly and privately n  Seek to satisfy and delight, not defend n  Time to Manage Social Media n  15 minutes a day n  But must stay consistent

15. + Social Media Don’ts n  Don’t pitch, overtly self-promote or offer incentives to get reviews or sharing n  Avoid sharing personal information about politics, religion or other controversial subjects

16. + Wine Industry Social Media Case Studies and Resources

17. + – Changing the Wine World n  Gary Vaynerchuk, author and public speaker drives social media. n  Launched February of 2006 n  Regular video series, 1000+ episodes n  40,000 Fans on Facebook n  966,000 Followers on Twitter

18. + n  Super wine shopping website n  Delivered to your door n  Extensive selection, lots of “deals” n  Known for excellent customer service n  Use WineLibrary.TV as a marketing vehicle

19. + Cork’d: Social Network for Wine Lovers and Wineries, Aquired n  Launched in February 2006 n  Acquired by WineLibrary.TV in May of 2007 n  User generated content n  Ad revenue model n  2,000+ new users per month n  2,000+ reviews per month

20. + Vintank – Powering Social Intelligence for the Wine Industry n  The Wine Industry’s best tool for connecting your customers within the social ecosphere n  1 million wine-related conversations tracked per day n  Brand mentions, customer profiles, top customers n  Context to commerce, timing/ customer match, waiting for the right signal, then taking action n  $35-$150/month

21. + Winery Social Index – Top 50

22. + Sample: Bonny Doon Vineyard

23. + – Drink Better Wines n  Focused on the shopping experience, allowing users to compare prices across merchants. n  Facebook integration in 2012 allows wine tasking review to be posted on personal timelines n  28,000 Facebook Likes n  12,000 Followers on Twitter n  328 on Google+

24. + – Price Comparison n  The Wine-Searcher search engine lists 5,468,814 wines and prices from 37,883 merchants around the world n  Wine retailers can include their price lists for free n  Pro Version n  Access to complete, current and historical data n  $39/year

25. + – Inventory Management Gone Social n  Focused on inventory management, with integrated professional wine reviews with personal inventory and premium service offering automatic inventory valuation. n  Launched 2004 n  Popular Wines n  Tasting Notes by Users

26. + VinCellar (Powered by VinFolio) n  Online wine cellar management system n  An active online community n  Tasting notes and reviews n  Seamless integration with Vinfolio, online store and marketplace n  Mobile App for Price Checking

27. + Adegga – Social Wine Discovery n  Track your favorite wines and get recommendations from people you know. n  Organize your wines – track the wines you taste, make a wish list or organize your home cellar. n  International focus n  4,100 Likes on Facebook n  2,840 Follows on Twitter

28. + BottleNotes – Good People. Great Wine. n  Bottlenotes is the premier online wine community, where wine enthusiasts come to learn about wine, share wine tasting notes, and buy great boutique and estate wines from around the world. n  Wine Clubs, Gifts and Registries n  Track Wine in “My Wine Cellar” n  The Daily Sip Email Newsletter n  167,000 Fans on Facebook n  11,600 Followers on Twitter

29. + Using Social Media to Promote an Underdog Wine CASE STUDY: Pacific Rim in Portland, Oregon n  Pacific Rim decided to buck traditional wine industry marketing tactics and go after that group, investing nearly $10,000 in a social media campaign to establish its niche. n  “We wanted to turn passive wine drinkers into riesling zealots” n  Campaign components n  Custom website: n  Created and published the “Riesling Rules Book,” gave away 65,000 e-book copies n  Facebook Page Pacific Rim Riesling Rules n  Catchy videos and calendar cube giveaways for liking page, 11k fans in first two weeks n  $1,000 Contest, 15k fans in 10 weeks n  Results n  30,000 Facebook Fans today n  Selling 200,000 cases of wine a year n  Total Campaign Budget: $10,000

30. + Specialized Marketing Firms for Wine and Food Able Social – NY Grow Creative – Portland

31. + SF Bay Area Wine Marketing Firmsn  Jean Arnold / Founder, Jean Arnold Group, President, Hanzell Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa 94559; 707-253-9065; Vineyards, 103 E. Napa St., Ste. C, Sonoma 95476; 707-935-7020; n  Paul Novak / Owner, Novak & Associates, 3448 Young Ave., Napan  Veronica Barclay / Owner, Barclay & Company, P.O. Box 71, St. 94558; 707-246-3060; Helena 94574; 707-963-3185; n  Jim Razzino / Weibel Family Wine Group, P.O. Box 87,n  Jeremy Benson / President, Benson Marketing Group, 2700 Napa Woodbridge 95258; 800-932-9463; Valley Corporate Drive, Ste. H, Napa 94558; 707-254-9292; n  Gib Rockwood / Senior Vice President of Marketing, Wilson Daniels Ltd., 1201 Dowdell Lane, St. Helena 94574; 707-963-9661;n  David Biggar / Managing Director, Vintage Point, 564 Broadway, Sonoma 95476; 707-939-6766; n  Craig Root / Owner, Craig Root & Associates, 10 Upland Road, St.n  Barbara Bowman and Jan Mettler / Partners, Boss Dog Helena, CA 94574; 707-963-7589; Marketing, P.O. Box 1494, Healdsburg 95448; 707-433-8484 n  Don Sebastiani Jr. / Director of Marketing, Don Sebastiani & Sons,n  Elizabeth Candelario / Director of Consumer Sales & Marketing, P.O. Box 1248, Sonoma 95476; 707-933-1704; Chateau Montelena, 1429 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga 94515; n  Jay Schuppert / President, Director of Marketing & Sales, 707-942-5105; Cuvaison Estate Wines, 4550 Silverado Trail North, Calistogan  John Gillespie / Partner, Wine Colleagues, P.O. Box 536, St. Helena 94515; 707-942-6266; 94574; 707-963-9009; n  Elaine Smith / Wine marketing consultant and owner, Wine Savvy,n  Mark Feinberg / Vice President of Marketing, White Rocket Wine 2924 Marty Way, Sacramento 95818; 916-444-1909; Co., 455 Devlin Road, Ste. 210, Napa 94558; 707-254-4811 www.winesavvyconsulting.comn  Dan Leese / President and partner, 585 Wine Partners, 585 W. First n  John Stallcup / Principal, Stallcup & Associates, 3513 Foxridge St., Sonoma 95476; 707-933-2640; Court, Napa 94558; 707-252-7340n  Christopher Lynch / Chief Marketing Officer, Beam Wine Estates, n  Neil Tallantire / Senior Vice President of Marketing, Diageo 375 Healdsburg Ave., Second Floor, Healdsburg 95448; Chateau & Estates Wines, 240 Gateway Road West, Napa 94558; 707-433-8268; 707-299-2600; www.diageowines.comn  Mike Lynch and Jean Jacoté / Partners, Big Bang n  Paul and Jennifer Tincknell / Partners, Tincknell & Tincknell, P.O. Communications, 10 Brookside Drive, San Anselmo 94960; Box 1879, Healdsburg, CA 95448; 707-433-3671; 415-250-2373; www.marketingwine.comn  Christine Martin / Owner, Firefly Creative Co., 432 Center St., n  Dan Wildermuth / Vice President of Marketing, Rodney Strong Ste. A, Healdsburg 95448; 707-433-6044; Vineyards, 11455 Old Redwood Highway, Healdsburg 95448;n  Michael Merriman / Owner, Paladin Wine Marketing, 2081 707-433-6521;

32. + Social Media Jobs in Wine n  14 Jobs Listed Currently on relating to “Social Media”

33. + Social Media Recommended Tools & Tips

34. + Facebook Stats 2012 n  Over 1 billion users n  71% of US Population is using Facebook n  40% of Facebook users are age 35 and older n  Wineries on Facebook n  94% of U.S. Wineries Are On Facebook (73% on Twitter) n  47% of US wineries said that Facebook helps them generate sales (72% sell wine on their website)

35. + Facebook Page Strategy n  A “Page” is different than a personal profile n  Graphic Setup n  Content Production n  Apps (i.e. Contests) n  Wildfire n  Social Candy n  Insights (Stats)

36. + Facebook Content Examples n  Questions: Polls and surveys n  Event homepages and registration pages n  Archived email marketing newsletters n  Links to Blogs (yours and others’) n  Links to Websites (yours, and others in your area of expertise) n  Relevant videos, photos and podcasts

37. + Twitter – Pulse of the Planet n  Short Format Blogging n  140 character limit n  Totally public forum n  Focus on headlines/links n  Content n  Listen/Respond n  Frequent updates n  Gaining Followers n  Monitor keywords related to your brand and competitors n  Follow others, hope for follow- back n  Recommended Tools n  Hootsuite n  TweetBot for iOS and Mac n  TweetDeck

38. + Facebook vs. Twitter n  Facebookis the superior social media platform for generating sales (48% for Facebook vs. 28% for Twitter). n  But Twitter is seen as better at capturing media attention (53% for Twitter vs. 32% for Facebook).

39. + YouTube – The New TV n  Get comfortable with video n  People love video n  Reveals transparency n  Demonstrate Lifestyle n  Single Cut Videos avoid editing! n  Setup YouTube Channel n  Graphics and branding n  Regular video uploads n  Build playlists of other favorite videos n  Respond to comments

40. + Pinterest – A Social Scrapbook n  What is Pinterest? n  Pinterest is a visually- beautiful, digital bulletin board that takes your magazine cutting and scrapbooking habit online, and makes it searchable for others with similar interests. n  Visual Lovers Paradise n  Pinterest is perfect for wineries and wine regions looking to engage potential customers online with cool visual (image + video) elements of their winery and wines, pairings and recipes, new label ideas, etc.

41. + Instagram – Photo Blogging n  Mobile-Based Platform n  iPhone/Android Smartphone Cameras n  Filters for the Romantic n  Easy to apply filters allow for artistic photos n  Photographer on Staff n  Define Instragram photographers who can take photos of the everyday work, events, behind the scenes and lifestyle shots.

42. + LinkedIn – B-to-B Networking n  Setup Complete Profiles n  Employee Profiles n  Company Profile n  Participate n  Join Groups n  Read News n  Post Links/Info n  Input Contacts n  CardMunch Mobile App

43. + Email Marketing n  Email Still Vital n  People Check Email First n  Setup Mechanics n  Email Template n  Subscription Forms n  Import Subscribers n  Recommended Services n  MailChimp n  Constant Contact n  Vertical Response

44. + Questions?

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46. + Creative Commons Copyrightn  This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.n  To view a copy of this license visit or send a letter toCreative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.






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