Bioneers Article Mentions Green MBA

Written by Joey Shepp on . Posted in press

 November 11, 2005

In the exhibition hall, booths ranged from indigenous Amazon herbal products to fair-trade organic coffees to "green" MBA programs, such as the one offered by New College in San Francisco that promotes ecological sustainability and social justice. Participants debated political issues, lamented global warming and species die-off, and consistently returned to the nitty-gritty of solutions from political advocacy to ecologically sustainable design and business.

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M.B.A.’s With Three Bottom Lines: People, Planet and Profit

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January 8th, 2006 

An excerpt ftom  "M.B.A.’s With Three Bottom Lines: People, Planet and Profit," by Abby Ellin:

"…Joey Shepp, a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz,
received a master’s from New College last spring. He chose New College
for its smaller classes and ”an education that was more on the cutting
edge,” he says. ”None of the bigger schools had incorporated that
level of sustainability in their curriculum.” A self-described
visionary artist, entrepreneur, technologist and, yes, tree hugger, he
is now Internet marketing director of Green Festival, which organizes
marketplaces for eco-friendly entrepreneurs, and helped found a company
that designs Web sites for sustainable businesses and another that
grades corporations for their social responsibility…"